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And it’s not just because the multicultural landscape will soon be the dominant customer base for your business.

No doubt, there is immense potential in marketing to 7.7 million multicultural consumers across Canada, which also accounts for more than 20% of the population today.

But simply imagine the potential if this number doubled-up to 15 million1.

Population Projection

Chart showing projected immigrant population of Canada growing to 30% by 2036

1Statistics Canada projected that the multicultural population will increase to 15 million by 2036

So by 2036, new immigrants would represent close to 30% of the Canadian population, and that’s just the first-generation. Factor this number with their Canadian-born children and we will have a whopping 50% of the Canadian population that’s a prospective customer for your business2.

Population Projection

Chart showing projected immigrant and Canadian borne children population growing to 44 to 50 percent

2Statistics Canada

As this segment grows steadily over each quarter, we witness the birth of a dominant consumer group.

This creates a definitive need to focus your strategies in order to ensure you connect with the right consumers at the right time, and in the right way. The traditional marketing strategies just won’t be as effective with this audience as their motivational drivers and aspirations are different from the rest of your consumers.

The culturally diverse consumers are mobile-first and love to shop online, and hence, they’re more receptive to your brand’s digital communication.

Mobile Usage

Graphic comparing mobile usage by average Canadians versus Ethnic

Moreover, Nielsen also predicts that 86% of retail growth over the next 10 years will come from multicultural consumers. With the majority of the ethnic consumers shopping online, imagine the potential for growth in your digital channels over the next 10 years.

Growth Projection

Chart showing projected growth in retail

At d-lounge we connect brands with ethnic Canadians through insight-driven strategies on digital platforms. Backed by Balmoral Multicultural, Canada’s leader of Multicultural Marketing, d-lounge has the experience and resources to understand the digital audience and deliver a targeted experience across your consumer’s digital journey.

We’re not trying to change the way you work on digital, as a matter of fact, we’re happy to work with your existing agency too. What we want, is to make most of the digital opportunities to enhance your connection with the ethnic consumer.


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